Tattoo aftercare is a complicated industry, no one can seem to agree the best treatment. Ötzi fills that gap by providing all you could need in one box. For this I designed a custom typeface for the logo, taking inspiration from ancient languages as well as the iceman Ötzi himself.

Ötzi the iceman lived over 5000 years ago, and is the oldest example of a human with tattoos. Experts say his tattoos were most likely for medicinal purposes, using ash in a series of lines and dots to soothe his injuries. It was this that formed the basis for the name, type and iconography for the brand. 

Otzi logo.jpg
top down mockup.jpg
otzi icons.jpg

Icons of care 

Based on Otzi's tattoos of lines and dots, each symbol reflects the use of the product. Be it the aloe vera silhouette of 'Clean' or the cross of 'Aid'. 

Tall Box Psd Mockup.jpg
Otzi bottom mockup.jpg

Looking back to create something new

Using ancient paleolithic cave art and symbols I wanted to create a simple typeface that could have been drawn by Otzi himself. 

Student brief and type design